Emergency Fuel Services

Broco’s Priority 1 emergency-response team provides emergency fuel services and disaster relief nationwide

emergency fueling

We’ve Got Your Back

The Priority 1 emergency-response team maintains operational readiness around the clock, able to respond to any disaster at a moment’s notice. We can activate immediately in New England, and with 12 to 24 hours’ lead time for response in the South.

We’re ready to respond to and assist communities hit by power outages after natural or manmade disasters with emergency fueling and Priority 1 delivery service, every day of the year.

Broco Energy’s Priority 1 emergency-response team offers emergency response to ANYONE.

If you have an immediate need, call our 24-hour disaster-response hotline at 781-246-1130.

Qualified to respond to all levels of emergencies, our team is made up of experienced fuel-truck drivers and fuel-logistics coordinators. We can handle extreme weather events and other high-pressure situations, offering critical fuel support when it’s needed most.

Broco Energy is certified for emergency response, including emergency fuel delivery, by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as well as the Coast Guard, and we are contracted as the emergency fuel provider for the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association (MEMA).

Emergency Fuel Services

When it comes to emergency fueling needs, Broco’s Priority 1 team offers:

  • 24-hour disaster response
  • fuel logistics, including an on-site coordinator
  • emergency fuel supply
  • emergency fuel delivery
  • generator-fuel support
  • a vast network of fuel suppliers and terminal locations

We respond in areas where any of the following may be needed:

  • mobile housing
  • restrooms
  • shower equipment
  • emergency medical services

Emergency-Response Stories

Veteran-owned and operated, Broco’s understands about tough situations. Our Priority 1 emergency-response team offers unparalleled aid in times of extreme weather emergencies and other catastrophic incidents.

Learn more about Broco Energy’s capabilities in emergency fueling and how the Priority 1 emergency-response team can make a difference for you. Contact us today.