Pricing & Payment

Broco Energy offers pricing-and-payment options that work within many budgets and preferences

budget program

From automatic delivery to pre-buy to our budget program, we offer a range of approaches so that you can pay the way you want and receive your fuel the way you’d like to get it. Contact us to enroll in one of the programs listed here or to learn more.

Automatic Delivery: At Broco Energy, automatic-delivery customers have less to think about in between deliveries. Here’s how it works: We keep up with your usage and with weather patterns, so we can be sure to schedule your delivery before you’re anywhere near having a run-out. With automatic delivery, your price per gallon is better, and you won’t see any extra charges. You’ll be billed automatically too, on your credit card, using a debit card or by ACH.

Budget Program: Using a usage calculation based on your fuel consumption from last year, we charge you a predetermined amount, on a monthly basis. You’ll be billed automatically. Following a 12-month cycle, payments are posted monthly, on the 15th. Contact us with questions.

Will-Call: If your fuel needs are not that constant, or if you’d prefer to manage your heating-oil orders directly, then we recommend will-call. For will-call deliveries, you place your order over the phone or online, and we’ll deliver to you the next time we’re in your area. Please note that will-call deliveries start at a minimum of 100 gallons.

What impacts heating oil costs in Haverhill and North Reading, MA?

Heating oil prices in the United States, including Haverhill, Massachusetts, are commonly affected by domestic fuel oil consumption, particularly in Northeastern homes that account for approximately 90% of the total use. An especially harsh winter can lead to demand spikes, and as a result, prices might increase. Furthermore, at the local level in Haverhill, factors like operational expenses, which could include overtime, and rivalry among heating oil suppliers could lead to differences in price.

Broco Energy is proud to offer our customers many ways to save throughout the year!

Referral Program

If you’re happy with our service—and we hope you are—let your family and friends know! You’ll receive a $50 account credit when the person you refer is an Automatic Delivery customer for one year. Refer someone today!

Discounts and Savings

We are proud to give back to the many communities we serve, including Groveland, Lexington, Lynnfield, Melrose, Merrimac, Methuen, Winchester and beyond. Broco Energy is a veteran-owned business and offers discounts to other veterans, as well as to firefighters, police officers, teachers, emergency workers, municipal workers and senior citizens. We also offer a per-gallon discount for cash payments at delivery. The discounts we offer include the following:

  • individuals serving the community: $0.05/gallon
  • senior citizens: $0.03/gallon
  • payment in cash at delivery: $0.05/gallon

Please note: No checks will be accepted for payment discounts.

Emergency Charges:

  • Weekday emergency-delivery fee: $75
  • Weekend emergency-delivery fee: $125
  • Prime-and-start-the-burner fee: $35

These fees may vary during a snowstorm or severe weather. They do not apply to automatic-delivery and budget-program customers.

A note about Broco Energy: We are a full-service company. We currently do not offer price contracts or cap pricing. The best way to keep our prices low, keep your overhead down and manage your costs is if you make your payment upon delivery or sign up for a budget program.

Contact us to set up automatic delivery or to find out more about our pricing-and-payment options today.