How to Use a Generator for Emergency Backup

Commercial backup generators are specifically designed for industrial and commercial applications. For generators to convert energy into electricity, they use fuel. When a power outage occurs, the backup emergency generator rental will power on and begin to provide power.

Hurricanes and snowstorms can disrupt the power businesses need to operate fully. When this happens, having a commercial backup generator will provide welcome peace of mind for commercial property owners and businesses.

Fuel Types for Commercial Generators

Commercial backup generators use either gasoline, propane, natural gas, or diesel. There are pros and cons to each of these emergency fuel sources . While diesel fuel tends to be the most popular fuel for commercial backup generators because of its affordability, efficiency, and safety, natural gas is another popular choice.

Depending on the commercial backup generator’s primary use, it’s important to choose the right fuel source for your needs. When you need it the most, your choice of fuel sources will determine whether your generator will be able to run long enough to meet your needs.

General Usage and Safety Guidelines for Backup Generators

Always make sure you are following safety guidelines when operating a generator. Incorrectly operating a generator can cause harm and lead to dangerous situations:

generatorBackup generators should only be used when necessary, and only for powering essential equipment

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Broco Energy & Columbia Gas: Still Working Hard & Working Together in Lawrence

For the citizens of Lawrence, the long road to recovery isn’t over yet. At Broco, we aren’t just your oil suppliers, we are your friends and family. When others have gone back to their normal routine, and the camera crews have stopped rolling, we are making sure that our customers, and the families affected by the Columbia Gas incident, are taken care of until the end.

During Thanksgiving, 16 Broco Energy trucks worked round the clock to keep generators up and running. Over 500 generators were serviced 24/7 by Broco Energy.  Nearly 7,500 residential and business properties have been affected by the incident. However, the end is in sight but its not over yet. As the temperatures are continuing to drop and as we head into winter, Broco Energy isn’t going anywhere until the job is complete. recently released the following statement on December 12th: “Columbia Gas of Massachusetts and state and local officials today announced that restoration of gas service to residences and businesses in the Merrimack Valley is substantially complete. With natural gas service restored to 98 percent of residential and business customers, the project has reached a major milestone and is in the process of entering the next phase of the restoration effort.” 

This has been a long and tough time for the people who have been affected, and we understand. We are happy to work with our community to help those individuals, feel safe and cared for, and keep them warm & with power during these next few cold months. Broco Energy offers both routine and emergency generator fuel services and we are always ready to mobilize, organize, deploy, and manage emergency fuel services.

Our goal at Broco is to provide affordable, safe, and reliable services so that your family can have a worry free winter, and focus on what’s important: time together. Now more than ever we all realize how precious quality time with our families are. Broco Energy is here every day, working hard to keep your family warm. And when disaster strikes, you can bet Broco Energy will be there without hesitation, doing all we can to help. 

Call us today for more information about who we are, the services we provide, and the great prices at which we offer those services. Become part of the Broco family!

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