How Much Propane Will I Use Each Day?

Written on: December 27, 2021

Propane Usage Varies Widely

how much propane massachusettsA lot of factors go into determining your daily propane usage. If you want to estimate and manage your propane expenses, keep in mind that your propane usage might vary widely based on how you utilize gas in your home, the time of year, the number of propane appliances you have, their age and condition, and more.

Broco EnergyF helps customers manage their propane costs with our Budget Program.  Available for our automatic-delivery customers, the Budget Program begins in late summer.

We calculate your usage based on the prior year. Then we charge you a predetermined, monthly amount—automatically billed using a credit card, a debit card or ACH. Payments are posted on the 15th of each month, using a 12-month cycle. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Calculate Your Propane Usage

The estimates below should give you some idea of how much each propane appliance typically uses to do its job. Please note that these appliance measurements are expressed as BTU per hour. This is a way to represent a measurement of deliverable power applicable to each propane gas appliance. (Think of it like the horsepower rating of a car). As an example, a typical furnace is about 100,000 BTU per hour. You can go here to read more about BTU per hour.

How Much Propane Will I Use?

Propane Usage by the Numbers

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