How To Manage High Fuel Costs

Written on: May 23, 2022

Broco Offers a No-Cost Program to Make It Easier

fuel payment options massachusettsWe know you are concerned about the shocking increase in heating fuel prices. We are too. This situation reflects the sad reality that heating oil prices–along with propane, natural gas and electricity prices–have all surged to unprecedented levels as a result of the Ukraine war and its ripple effects.

We have no way of knowing how long this situation will continue or whether prices will rise or fall. While we can’t control global oil prices, we can spread out your payments on our Budget Program. With prices so high and the cost of a single delivery so big, it feels like it is an essential action for our customers to take this year.

How the Broco Budget Program Works

We will calculate your monthly payments based on how much fuel you typically use in a year, multiplied by the projected heating fuel prices listed on the commodities exchanges.

Your payments will then be divided into much smaller, easier to handle monthly amounts. You only pay your one monthly bill, even if you get two deliveries in one month.

If you have a growing balance, you never pay any finance charges. Plus, it does not cost anything to enroll in the Budget Program.

More Benefits of the Budget Program

The most crucial benefit of this program is that it shields you from fluctuations in fuel billing. You avoid getting hit with several large delivery bills right before and after the holidays. When we divide your payments evenly over 12 months, your winter expenses are virtually cut in half.

Our monthly payment plan also removes uncertainty from your household spending. You don’t have to worry about how much your next delivery invoice will cost — you pay the same amount each month for your fuel.

Finally, if the actual cost of the fuel you use is higher or lower than what we estimated, we’ll adjust your plan accordingly. You will only pay the cost of the fuel you received at the market price on the days it was delivered — not a dime more.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this program. Almost every customer who participates likes it much better than paying in full for each delivery, especially with fuel prices so high.

Find out more about our Budget Program and then contact us to request enrollment.

Trust Us to Come Through for You

Many of you have been our customers for years. It is frustrating to have to charge you so much for your fuel. Unfortunately, we are boxed in by the prices our suppliers charge us. Rest assured we are doing our best to help you navigate through these difficult times.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and remain committed to taking the best care of your family, no matter what happens with the price of heating fuel.