Emergency Fuel Delivery from Priority 1

Critical fuel support when you need it most

Taking advantage of partnerships we have established throughout the United States, our Priority 1 emergency-response team is on the scene wherever it’s needed, providing immediate emergency fuel deliveries until the trucks we’ve deployed arrive on site.

Have an emergency? Call our 24-hour disaster-response hotline at 781-246-1130.

Reliable and Dependable

Disaster relief means more than just oil trucks and supplies. Our response includes manpower and logistics coordinators who will send oil tanks, conduct remote monitoring and schedule emergency fuel service and deliveries as needed throughout the duration of the incident.

Your peace of mind is our priority, and the Priority 1 emergency-response team is ready to mobilize, organize, deploy and manage emergency fueling without hesitation, around the clock.

Looking to Lease?

You can lease our emergency-response equipment to set it up on-site or to have it on standby.

Our trained team is FEMA-certified and has actively aided in fueling emergency vehicles, utility companies, police and fire trucks, hospitals, aboveground and underground tanks, and generators in disaster zones.

emergency fuel services

In an emergency situation, you want the most qualified personnel to handle and respond to areas affected by hurricanes, ice storms, floods, natural disasters and power outages. The Priority 1 emergency-response team is here to deliver just that.

Priority 1, our disaster-relief division, provides 24-hour critical fuel support, benefiting from access to a vast network of fuel suppliers and terminal locations. We quickly identify and partner with the strongest teams out there to supply the fuel and support needed. Our fuel trucks and oil tanks service generators and other necessary assets that use quality-assured fuel.

Generator-Fuel Supply: Broco Energy offers both routine and emergency generator-fuel services. We’ll keep your generator fueled so that you never have to worry about backup power for your facility.

Tank-Maintenance Services: We offer tank-maintenance services, including fuel polishing, diesel additives, fuel transfers and pump-outs, tank cleaning and more. Whether you’re having an emergency or not, tank cleaning and maintenance ensure that your equipment operates efficiently while maximizing its life span.

We are proud to share many emergency-response stories that demonstrate the range of relief our FEMA-certified team can provide. From disasters like the Columbia Gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Laura and beyond, we are on the scene with generators, generator fuel, fuel logistics (including an on-site coordinator), and the emergency fuel necessary to get the situation under control.

Do you have questions about how the Priority 1 emergency-response team gets the job done no matter what? Contact us today.