Broco Energy Wins 4-year Emergency Fuel Contract 

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Broco Energy Haverhill, MA August 19, 2020
In recent months, the MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) accepted bids from companies eager to earn the privilege of providing Emergency Fuel support to MEMA during emergency events. Broco Energy received notification Friday, August 14, 2020, that they had been awarded the 4-year contract for Emergency Fuel delivery and logistic services.
Broco Energy will work alongside MEMA and other state agencies to provide emergency assistance to communities impacted by natural disasters through its “Priority One” Emergency Fuel Division. Broco Energy’s emergency response teams had previous performances including our first prime contractor role being the Columbia Gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley in 2018. Other responses included national deployments to provide emergency fuel services to Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Florence, and Hurricane Michael.
“Our team takes this as a great honor to serve our home state and look forward to being Massachusetts go-to company for any type of emergency that arises” said Robert Brown, President of Broco Energy. 
Broco Energy’s performance on the Merrimack Valley gas explosions earned them the 2019 SBA Veteran-Owned Business of the Year Award. Broco Energy was tasked with managing up to 500 generators 24/7 for 110 days consecutively. 
If you would like more information about this topic, please call Robert Brown at 781-246-1130 or email

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Shoulder to Shoulder: Why Broco Energy Service is the Best

These days it feels like all businesses are the same. You can never directly reach the person to whom you’d like to speak, and there is always someone else doing the work for them. It almost seems impossible to figure out who is actually behind the operation. Come see the difference with Broco Energy. 

Many of you have inquired as to whether we do our own work or sub it out. The Broco family works together to provide you with the best service possible. We have our own in-house service division, and work alongside our own family members at SM Brown. Every day we work shoulder to shoulder in the same building. We split our territory right down the middle so that the technicians at Broco Energy and at SM Brown can better reach our customers. Our technicians are interchangeable; you’re getting the same quality service no matter who shows up at your door. It’s just a matter of efficiency. We want the closest technician to respond to your call and give you fast, reliable service. 

You already know how important family is to us. All of our technicians share the same core values; caring for our family, and for yours. This bonds us together and helps us keep our priorities straight. It is all too easy for businesses to lose sight of the more important things and sacrifice quality for bigger business. Not us. 

We offer all the services you may need for heating your home. Our annual burner cleaning service keeps your system well maintained and up to date so there are no troubles when the winter season rolls around. Of course, living in New England always comes with surprises. So our emergency service is at your beck and call. All of our technicians are fully licensed and trained so there’s never anything to worry about. 

Broco Energy is a company you can count on, day in and day out. As our business grows, we make sure that our values grow in conjunction with it. We’ll never lose sight of our customers as individuals and take the time to make sure each one is accounted and cared for. Stick with us, and we’ll stick together!

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Broco Energy & Columbia Gas: Still Working Hard & Working Together in Lawrence

For the citizens of Lawrence, the long road to recovery isn’t over yet. At Broco, we aren’t just your oil suppliers, we are your friends and family. When others have gone back to their normal routine, and the camera crews have stopped rolling, we are making sure that our customers, and the families affected by the Columbia Gas incident, are taken care of until the end.

During Thanksgiving, 16 Broco Energy trucks worked round the clock to keep generators up and running. Over 500 generators were serviced 24/7 by Broco Energy.  Nearly 7,500 residential and business properties have been affected by the incident. However, the end is in sight but its not over yet. As the temperatures are continuing to drop and as we head into winter, Broco Energy isn’t going anywhere until the job is complete. recently released the following statement on December 12th: “Columbia Gas of Massachusetts and state and local officials today announced that restoration of gas service to residences and businesses in the Merrimack Valley is substantially complete. With natural gas service restored to 98 percent of residential and business customers, the project has reached a major milestone and is in the process of entering the next phase of the restoration effort.” 

This has been a long and tough time for the people who have been affected, and we understand. We are happy to work with our community to help those individuals, feel safe and cared for, and keep them warm & with power during these next few cold months. Broco Energy offers both routine and emergency generator fuel services and we are always ready to mobilize, organize, deploy, and manage emergency fuel services.

Our goal at Broco is to provide affordable, safe, and reliable services so that your family can have a worry free winter, and focus on what’s important: time together. Now more than ever we all realize how precious quality time with our families are. Broco Energy is here every day, working hard to keep your family warm. And when disaster strikes, you can bet Broco Energy will be there without hesitation, doing all we can to help. 

Call us today for more information about who we are, the services we provide, and the great prices at which we offer those services. Become part of the Broco family!

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Article from the Boston Herald by

Mary MarkosLaurel J. Sweet Thursday, September 13, 2018

Emergency response is in the Brown brothers’ blood.

Both military men and fire­fighters, Bob Brown of Andover and his brother Shane of Stoneham are sending trucks from their family-owned oil company to the Carolinas filled with fuel ahead of Hurricane Florence.

Bob has seen firsthand the devastation left behind by hurricanes. He was serving in Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7, stationed in Gulfport, Miss., when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in 2005.

“I saw how important fuel is in an emergency like that,” Bob said. “You don’t realize how important fuel is — having a steady flow of fuel to support and continue the rescue operation. … I’ve always been drawn to emergency response and providing for emergency situations like that.”

When the Browns heard about Hurricane Florence, they got eight of their trucks prepped for hauling, filled them with gas and diesel fuel and have four now en route to the Carolinas in coordination with FEMA. Another four are ready to go if they are called on.

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HAVERHILL, MA. – SEPTEMBER 12: Shane Brown, Director of Emergency Response for Broco Oil at the company headquarters on September 12, 2018 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Patrick Whittemore/Boston Herald)

Shane, a Cambridge firefighter, also serves as a U.S. Army Reserve firefighter, but helped his brother organize the initiative.

“When something like this comes up, when people need help and you can do it, it’s really a no-brainer,” Shane said. “At the end of the day we can hang up our hat and know we made a difference.”

Last year, they offered up their trucks for hurricanes Harvey and Irma as well.

The fuel trucks are staged around priority facilities, such as hospitals, and when the power goes out they keep those facilities up and running. They also travel with rescue response teams to fuel their vehicles as they move through disaster zones.

FEMA will reimburse operational costs, but the Browns foot the bill for expenses, food, lodging and fuel to and from the site.

“I didn’t even inquire about (reimbursements) last year, I just sent them down to help,” Bob said. “It’s not one of those situations where you say, ‘What’s covered, how much money is it for us to go down,’ the mentality should be, OK, whatever you need, we’ll provide.”

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HAVERHILL, MA. – SEPTEMBER 12: Shane Brown, Director of Emergency Response for Broco Energy monitors Hurricane Florence at the company headquarters on September 12, 2018 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Patrick Whittemore/Boston Herald)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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