Broco Energy: Now the Official provider of

Biodiesel for Newton & Cambridge

cambridgeBroco Energy has recently been awarded the City of Cambridge and the City of Newton’s biodiesel contracts. Cambridge and Newton are leaders in sustainability and have sustainability programs designed to promote the use of renewable fuels. These fuels, such as biodiesel, reduce their impact on the environment, improve energy efficiency, and raise the quality of life for residents.

Cambridge and Newton implemented a major climate protection plan which includes using biodiesel to power city-owned vehicles such as the DPW, Parks & Recreation, and Fire Departments. Broco Energy will be fueling with B20 biodiesel fuel. B20 biodiesel runs cleaner, greener, and more efficiently than traditional diesel.

BioDiesel: What is it? Now, if you’re an average New Englander, you know what a diesel engine is, you know the basics of how it works, and you know it’s been around a while. Rudolf Diesel designed an engine that compresses fuel and air together and ignites it with a spark plug. Shortly after he realized that the engine would handle heavier fuel and run even better. That fuel is now widely known as the eponymous ‘diesel.’ However, the engine is capable of so much more, and so biodiesel evolves.

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that can be produced from animal oil/fat, vegetable oil, and waste cooking oil. Rapeseed, palm, and soybean are all viable sources for this greener fuel. Biodiesel has zero aromatics so it reduces toxicity and burns cleaner. Biodiesel even reduces air pollution compared to petroleum diesel. Biodiesel use reduces carbon dioxide emissions by the absorption of carbon dioxide by the very plants, seeds, beans, etc that are used to produce the diesel in the first place. Biodiesel meets both the biomass-based diesel and the overall advanced biofuel requirement of the Renewable Fuel Standard. In fact, it is the first fuel commercially produced nationwide that meets the U.S. EPA’s definition of an Advanced Biofuel. Advanced biofuel is defined as a renewable fuel other than ethanol derived from cornstarch.

Broco Energy takes sustainability very seriously. We are honored to be a part of this project and do our part to aid in reducing the overall carbon footprint!

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